Camvi delivers large-scale, real-time face recognition solutions to the world

Camvi is a U.S.-based Artificial Intelligence Company, Specializing in Face Recognition and Identification Technologies

Billions of Faces per Second

Camvi's unrivaled speed and scalability enables searching in a Camvi database containing billions of faces to be performed within a second, while maintaining a high accuracy.

Real-time Multi-face Recognition

Camvi's real-time video recognition system identifies multiple faces in live videos, even under imperfect conditions. Face recognition can be deployed on a server, on the edge of biometric devices, or on a smartphone, with or without network connections.

Customized, Adaptable Solutions

Camvi products are customized to meet our customers' needs. They are highly compatible and adaptable so as to enable an easy integration with existing hardware systems.

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Our Technology

Camvi’s face recognition solutions are powered by deep-learning technology. With these breakthroughs, we achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Here are some examples of what our technology enables today’s customers to achieve.

Face Detection

See the face

Our powerful face recognition algorithm detects and tracks faces instantly in real-time or pre-recorded videos, photos or images. It runs on commercial servers, PCs or mobile devices. With Camvi's solution, commodity servers can be used to deliver exceptional performance without the cost burden of GPU’s or other specialized hardware.

Face Identification

Know the face

Camvi’s efficient algorithm can match detected faces of interest with pre-created databases or watch lists and return the result in less than 200 milliseconds. Camvi databases can grow to billions of face records without imposing search degradation.

Face Authentication

Verify the face

Our highly accurate recognition module checks and verifies faces presented against existing images. Our technology is designed to protect from spoofing with fake images.

How Are Camvi Solutions Better?

Camvi delivers the world's fastest large-scale face recognition solutions. Our scalable architecture allows real-time face enrollment, search, identification, and verification with billions of face records. Camvi APIs enable rapid development of customizable face recognition applications to be deployed on numerous devices as well as in the cloud.


Industry-leading scalable architecture supports billions of face records


Sub 200 millisecond search and retrieval time on a single commodity server


State-of-the-art deep learning AI technologies enable above 99% accuracy

Cloud / Edge

Enables face recognition to be deployed in the cloud, and/or at the edge of client devices for optimal performance


Usage-based scalable pricing provides flexibility to growing demands


Supports both ready-to-use solutions and customized applications for web-browsers, smartphones, tablets, PCs, or servers 

Why Use Face Recognition?

Secure | Efficient | Smart

Compared to other biometric technology such as fingerprint and iris scan, face recognition operates without physical contact, at distances of up to 100 meters/330 feet, with high efficiency. With face recognition, the chance that a person shares the same facial biometric elements with you is 20 times lower than that of using fingerprint. Face recognition can be very "Smart" technology, enabling valuable insights to be drawn from the acquired data. This technology can be useful in many sectors and industries. Here are a few examples of the various areas that facial recognition technology can be applied to.

Police Officer

Public Safety

Law Enforcement, Border Control, Access Control, Security and Surveillance in Public Transport, Events, Banks, Retail Outlets, Casinos

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ID Management

Civil and Commercial ID Management for Public Administration Services,  Enterprises and Service Providers


Banking & Payment

Fraud Prevention, Transaction authentication and VIP Recognition

Coach Fleet

Automobile & Transportation

Autonomous Driving, Driver Monitoring, Smart Vehicles, Vehicle Security, Access Control, Smart Traffic and Road Control

Clothes Store

Retail & Marketing

Audience Reaction Measurement, Intelligent Signage, VIP/Member Recognition

Social network concept

Mobile & Entertainment

Photo & Video Management, Gaming

Woman & Doctor


Smart Diagnosis, Health Tracking and Preventive Care

In the Classroom


Attendance Tracking, Fraud Detection in Exam Centers

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