Protect Public and Business Facilities with Camvi ZoneTracker

ZoneTracker is a new feature recently launched by Camvi in its key face recognition products CamviServer and CamviEdge. This new feature aims to meet customers’ growing needs of biometric analytics in their Access Control and Video Surveillance use cases.

ZoneTracker instantly identifies people in a protected facility who are not authorized to be where they are, or who are engaging in suspicious patterns of behavior. The protected facility is segmented into multiple zones, such as open space public areas, VIP areas, staff areas, officers’ rooms, restaurants, bathrooms, elevators, kitchens, and maintenance closets.

  • Discrete zones are delineated by the presence of separate cameras, interior gates or physical barriers.

  • Subjects are tracked throughout their entire presence on the facility. Suspicious patterns are detected by AI.

  • Camvi Roll Call identifies who is in the facility at any time.

  • Camvi Search enables viewing of a subject’s entire trail across the facility, simply by submitting a face image of the individual in question.

  • Physical movements of a subject are re-traced through the powerful Camvi Replay function.

  • Enforces “lockdown” by physically closing designated barriers, gates and doors during a suspected robbery, terror attempt, or other breach of procedures.

  • Designated barriers and gates are automatically opened from a control center during a safety incident, such as an evacuation.


  • Access Integration: Through CamviAPI, our system is fully interoperable with access gates, barriers, and scanners, at any point of access.

  • Brings Calm to Crowded Gates: Camvi identifies multiple faces in a crowd from a single frame. Our system controls barriers and gates to admit authorized subjects one-at-a-time.

  • Unknown Subject Tagging: Each unknown person attempting to gain admittance is tagged to enable tracking throughout their visit to a controlled zone.

  • Camera Validation and Tuning: Offered as interoperability between cameras and the Camvi solution.

  • Auto Registration: Automatic enrollment option used in conjunction with CamviDTS (Data Training Service) enables large crowds to be registered in real time.

  • Liveness Detection: Powerful real-time features to thwart spoofing attempts and procedural violations.

  • Control Room Integration: Camvi generates actionable intelligence with real-time response using alarms, SMS, and voice alerting.

  • Custom Reports: Rapidly design, prototype and deploy reports via CamviAPI.

  • Consistent Perimeter Watchlists: Periodic and real-time updates to blacklists and whitelists are distributed around the entire perimeter of the facility.

Customer Cases

Camvi ZoneTracker is already deployed in several leading-edge projects, including:

  • Access control and monitoring within public buildings, to ensure that only authorized subjects can gain access to designated areas within the complex. The behavior of unknown visitors is monitored by ZoneTracker within the facility, to automatically identify potential security and safety issues. Specific persons of interest can be physically denied access to any zone through secure gates.

  • Inventory control and monitoring within a commercial port facility, to provide operations staff with automated recognition of suspicious events and behaviors. The flows of raw materials and finished goods are monitored by ZoneTracker throughout the secure production facility, and along the private railway tracks that are used for transporting them.

  • Employee productivity and work flow improvements within an industrial manufacturing plant with a workforce of over 8,000 staff. The movements and actions of staff are monitored by ZoneTracker for purposes of security and employee coaching.