We Believe in AI

We believe in the power Artificial Intelligence has to completely transform industries. Banking, Government, Transportation, and everything in between. We know that AI will reshape the way we travel, do business, and even conduct our military operations. With AI, industries (and the world) will be made anew. That's why it's so important to get AI right, develop its capabilities and fully understand its potential.

At Camvi Technologies, that is exactly why we do what we do. Each of us believes that AI will completely reshape the way we live and do business. We want to make sure it's for the better. That's why we're dedicated to developing AI-powered solutions for some of Government's biggest challenges.

We want to put the absolute best technology possible in the hands of soldiers on the battlefield and agents on the border. We want to provide these end users with the technology that gives them the edge they need and allows them to do what they do best. This mission is what gets me out of bed every morning.

Biometrics Industry

The demand for biometrics has never been greater. Well beyond just fingerprints, the needs now include facial recognition, iris, palm, voice, and even DNA solutions.

This growing demand isn't going to slow down anytime soon either. As new metrics and more use cases become mainstream requirements, it becomes imperative that we get biometrics right too.

Biometric Boarding, Border Control, Citizenship and Immigration Services, Secure Transactions, Multi-level Authentication, Access Control, Public Safety, Law Enforcement and Smart Transportation -- in all of these domains, at their core, is an increasing need for advanced biometric solutions.

Legacy biometric systems are insufficient for the evolving requirements and challenges of tomorrow's biometrics. Fragmented, silo databases become bottlenecks for integration, interoperability, and multi-modal biometric operations. Linear processes, which don't scale alongside growing databases of information, become slow and inefficient. Solutions created around proprietary hardware, can't make the jump to cross-platform and mobile solutions, which restricts real-time, real world field operations.

As we enter this period of exponential growth of biometric data, these legacy systems are already showing their limitations. Failing to support government users, when they need these solutions more than ever, is not an option.

Today's biometric technologies, and every industry they touch, are on the verge of disruption. Scalable and intelligent biometrics are a must, and not just for the government in some distant future, but the agencies right now.

AI-powered Biometric

This is why, at Camvi, we've focused our AI technology on solving the greatest biometric challenges Governments face today. We're developing Government's next generation biometric solutions with speed, scalability, interoperability, multi-modal, and minimum processing required.

A few examples of how we're making these next gen capabilities a reality

  • Real-time. Camvi's algorithms handle databases containing billions of images in real-time. That means the ability to utilize actionable intelligence at the source.

  • Biometrics on the Edge. We can deliver next generation biometric capabilities wherever needed, from centralized data centers all the way out to the furthest edges of operation, capturing and processing on board sensors, kiosks, and even cameras.

  • Mobile Biometrics. Our lightweight, highly scalable AI architecture allows for end to end solutions (client, server, and database) to operate locally on devices as small as a smartphone. Identify, Verify, and Authenticate from your phone.

We believe now is the time to leverage AI to advance the biometrics industry and put this technology in the hands of those who need it most.

Want to join us?

We're always on the look out for teammates who believe in the same future of AI as we do. We're actively looking for talented individuals who want to help us disrupt every industry and deliver world-class solutions to our Government users and partner companies.

About the Author:

Matt McCrann - Director, Sales & Business Development | Camvi Technologies

Matt has worked at the intersection of government and technology for over 15 years, on both the inside and the cutting edge, as an Intelligence Analyst and Technology Industry partner. At Camvi Technologies, Matt is focused on building a world-class team delivering advanced AI solutions to its partners across Federal, State, and Local Government.

Email: mmccrann@camvi.com

About Camvi:

Camvi Technologies is a U.S. based AI company, specializing in Biometrics and real-time facial recognition solutions for Governments and Enterprises worldwide. Headquartered in Palo Alto, Camvi also has offices in Burlington, MA and Germantown, MD.

Website: www.camvi.com