A Comprehensive, Integrated Solution Is the Best Choice

At Camvi, we continuously deliver best-quality, large-scale, and real-time face recognition solutions. Our products are designed to be integrated, so we can provide a complete customer experience from a single solution. Depending on your specific needs, you will find a Camvi solution or a series of Camvi solutions that best fit into your business framework and enable your various challenging biometric tasks.

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What is CamviServer?

CamviServer is a cloud-based, AI-driven biometric server that provides face recognition services on a massive scale. It is used to recognize faces from a variety of feeds, ranging from static, single frame images to high speed video feeds.

How is CamviServer different?

CamviServer uses state-of-the-art AI technologies to deliver market-leading response time of under 200ms (excluding network delays) for any face matching query, even during peak periods. Its deep learning-based recognition module functions in a reliable architecture that scales to over 1 billion subjects.

What use cases can be supported with CamviServer?

CamviServer can be applied in vertical markets that require real-time performance, from both static (co-operative) and live (non-cooperative) subjects on a massive scale, including but not limited to: National registration schemes , Border control, Military intelligence analysis, Homeland security validation, Law enforcement and anti-terror initiatives, Positive identification through white listing in emergency response and relief situations, Driver management and monitoring, Patient tracking and monitoring, Access control, Securing and monitoring of events and conferences, Attendance tracking, Authentication services for transactions.

Does CamviServer impose restrictions on image resolution?

No. We usually expect matching results to exhibit higher confidence levels when comparing higher resolution subjects against higher resolution CamviDB images. However, we can work with all types of image, ranging from low resolution to 4k and above.

Has CamviServer been tested or benchmarked by any independent 3rd party organization?

Yes, CamviServer was most recently validated by the NIST FRVT process in October 2017. A detailed synopsis is available on NIST website at:

Download the Camvi Product Datasheets (October 2018):          

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What is CamviCloud?

We offer CamviCloud to our customers as a hosting service for the deployment of CamviServer solution. Based upon your requirements, Camvi is responsible for the sizing, deployment, connectivity and maintenance of the CamviServer solution.

What benefits does CamviCloud offer?

We consult with you to understand the immediate and long-term requirements of your biometric services. We work with you to design a custom solution that meets your scale, performance, functional and recurring cost goals. Once deployed, our own subject matter experts are on hand to manage all aspects of your biometrics projects.

How do I accommodate growth in a CamviCloud deployment?

CamviCloud provides utmost convenience for the growth of biometrics services. As you add more cameras, more features, more locations, Camvi can scale the CamviCloud infrastructure to ensure that there is adequate capacity to meet or exceed your needs, without ever contemplating service deterioration.



What is CamviEdge?

CamviEdge is an integrated edge solution, comprising compact host platform and biometric services such as face recognition. It provides instant local validation at the edge, with localized AI-powered inference services and concentration of locally attached devices. CamviEdge can operate in standalone mode, or cloud-connected mode. The correlation with CamviServer resources ensures real-time updates.

What benefits does CamviEdge offer?

CamviEdge provides instant local validation at the edge without needing to communicate with a central server constantly. It optimizes the upstream resources including connectivity, power, footprint, server port consumption, and CPU cycles. Implementing biometrics at the edge enables higher quality and efficiency. CamviEdge solution extends the reach of CamviServer in real-time biometrics, enabling challenging use cases to be serviced even over imperfect network connections.

What use cases will best benefit from CamviEdge?

Real-time CCTV surveillance systems, Access control, Field operations and more.


What is CamviAdapter?

CamviAdapter is a range of AI-powered adapters to retrofit to existing cameras and other biometric devices. CamviAdapter transforms standard camera feeds into AI-enabled Smart Feeds.

What benefits does CamviAdapter offer?

CamviAdapter transforms standard camera feeds into AI-enabled smart feeds with the benefits of improving accuracy and responsiveness of the overall solution, and optimizing resources such as bandwidth, CPU and human. CamviAdapter facilitates streamlined machine-driven decisions. Its flexible implementation provides a well-defined path for future upgrades, and extends the lifetime of existing cameras by 5+ years to protect both capital and operational investments in installed bases.

What use cases can be supported with CamviAdapter?

Legacy CCTV Surveillance systems, Access control.



What is CamviClient?

CamviClient is an Android-based biometric application that can be installed directly on client mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The CamviClient application is capable of performing biometric tasks, including face recognition, locally on client devices without needing to communicate with a central server. The correlation with CamviServer resources ensures real-time updates.

What benefits does CamviClient offer?

CamviClient delivers high performance biometrics on the go to a wide range of Android-based client devices. Its combined benefits of mobility and local functioning unlock important biometric use cases. Local matching greatly reduces the burden on upstream infrastructure, enabling higher quality and efficiency. CamviClient provides instant feedback regardless of connectivity status from local whitelist or blacklist.

What use cases can be supported with CamviClient?

Law enforcement (DashCam), Defense (BodyCam), Field operations and more.


What is CamviCam?

CamviCam offers AI-powered smart cameras that are capable of transforming standard camera feeds into AI-enabled smart feeds.

What benefits does CamviCam offer?

CamviCam enables smart decision making at the camera itself. It improves accuracy and responsiveness of the overall solution. CamviCam optimizes use of upstream resources including connectivity, power, footprint, port consumption, and CPU cycles. It also reduces human resources, and facilitates streamlined machine-driven decisions.


What is CamviAPI?

CamviAPI provides customers with tools and APIs for integration of Camvi’s biometric capabilities into their own custom-designed systems.

What benefits does CamviAPI offer?

We provide you with access to our API. We will also provide you with remote support to help you get your capture device up and running, and communicating with remote CamviServer systems.



What is CamviCare?

CamviCare is the global technical support service for all Camvi customers.

What benefits does CamviCare offer?

  • CamviCare offers a range of support services to keep your operations running:

  • Installation support services

  • On-site education programs for operations and integration staff

  • On-site troubleshooting and integration service

  • In-country sparing and repair programs


What is CamviDTS?

CamviDTS is a world-class Data Training Service for all Camvi customers.

What benefits does CamviDTS offer?

CamviDTS unlocks continuous improvement in performance and accuracy of biometric matching. CamviDTS is staffed by Camvi Data Scientists to optimize customers’ data sets.

How does CamviDTS work?

Customers optimize their own data training models for Camvi deployments. Customers retain control of their own data sets at all times. Camvi provides tools and expertise throughout the lifetime of the process.


What is CamviCPS?

Camvi offers a Capacity Planning Service to ensure that customer networks can be monitored and analyzed for impending capacity constraints.

What benefits does CamviCPS offer?

AI-powered deployments for biometrics are relatively new and may require expert guidance in the planning and deployment phases of a project. With CamviCPS, customers will get:

  • Required network and computing resources

  • Projected expansion to accommodate growth in service footprint and complexity

  • Edge vs. Core trade-off scenarios for deployment

  • Security architecture compliance assessment