Camvi's Face Recognition Technology Deployed at ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting


Zoom Tech auto-gate powered by Camvi's face recognition technology

Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi, passed through an auto-gate powered by Camvi's face recognition technology at the 51st ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting

Singapore – September 11, 2018 – Camvi Technologies Inc. deployed its state-of-the-art, patent-pending face recognition technology at the 51st ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting held in Singapore from August 1st to August 4th, 2018. The Silicon Valley-based tech company Camvi has been working with Zoom Tech Pte Ltd, an automatic gate manufacturer in Singapore, to design and develop a next generation auto-gate powered by Camvi’s cutting-edge face recognition technology.


The auto-gate is equipped with a camera, a display panel, and CamviEdge, an embedded face recognition system used to verify the identity of anyone passing through the gate. The auto-gate only opens to authorized personnel.


Zoom Tech was the only automatic gate vendor chosen for the 51st ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, and Camvi-powered next generation auto-gate was installed at the meeting venue. A list of distinguished guests were authorized for entry and their face photos were pre-registered by CamviEdge. The list included the Foreign Ministers of the ASEAN countries and their partner countries such as the United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The auto-gate performed flawlessly during the meeting.


The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore, Vivian Balakrishnan, was amazed at the speed and accuracy of the auto-gate. “Wow, this thing really works,” commented Dr. Balakrishnan when the auto-gate opened the instant that he came into view.

“The technology behind the next-generation auto-gate comprises two parts,” said John Chen, President and CEO of Camvi, “the first part is our AI-based face recognition technology with the state-of-the-art accuracy and search speed. And the second part is our CamviEdge system which enables large-scale face recognition at the edge, often without a network connection.”

The rapid advancement in face recognition technology and decrease in cost have finally made the commercial deployment of face recognition technology in the access control market a reality. The organizer of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting is planning to use the Camvi-powered auto-gates for “everyone” in their next event in November. Over 8,000 people will be able to experience the Camvi-powered face recognition auto-gates, just as the distinguished guests of the 51st ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting did.

About Camvi Technologies Inc.

Camvi Technologies, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA, is an Artificial Intelligence company specializing in face recognition technologies. Camvi delivers large-scale real-time face recognition solutions powered by AI to government and enterprises, in areas of Access Control, Video Surveillance, Public Safety, ID management, Defense, Law Enforcement and more.


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