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On this page, you will find publications by Camvi about what's happening in face recognition and biometrics market, the needs and the challenges. We will also share with you how Camvi's approach is going to deal with those challenges.

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The next generation of biometric requirements for government users will include the continued expanding scope of biometric collection, improving the efficiency of existing systems, and providing more actionable and timely intelligence for officers, agents, and soldiers...

July 27, 2018

ZoneTracker is a new feature recently launched by Camvi in its key face recognition products CamviServer and CamviEdge. This new feature aims to meet customers’ growing needs of biometric analytics in their Access Control and Video Surveillance use cases.

ZoneTracker in...

The Next-Generation of biometric systems need to incorporate flexible, hybrid architectures that allow for easy integration with existing infrastructure and redundancy across the network. Decentralizing the overall system, leveraging edge computing, and allowing for a...

We believe in the power Artificial Intelligence has to completely transform industries. Banking, Government, Transportation, and everything in between. We know that AI will reshape the way we travel, do business, and even conduct our military operations. With AI, indus...

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Biometrics on the Edge: AI-Powered Solutions for Next Generation Biometric Systems

October 15, 2018

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